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Rejuvenate and refresh

The are many options for Broken Bow luxury cabin rentals, but only one that treats you like royalty.    The Duchess Luxury Cabin offers 2 bds/2 baths and includes a massage chair, movie theatre, Hot Tub, Fire Pit, and Deck.    At The Duchess you will be Surrounded by elegance, Luxurious style, and the breathtaking beauty of forest.   Who knew Relaxing could feel this Good!

The Duchess was built and designed for couples and families to live, work, and attend virtual school while being immersed in nature.  As a psychiatric medical provider the owner had always dreamed of owning a cabin in Broken Bow because she Understood the healing power of nature in decreasing emotional stress and improving physical well-being.  With the burden of social isolation weighing heavy on her family and few options for stress relief, she decided to make her dream a reality.  She built and designed the Duchess around her values of immersion in nature,  Connecting with family, luxurious living,  Outdoor adventrues to connect with family and the flexibility to stay a while and not rush back to the city.  

Immerse in nature





The Duchess is the part time headquarters of the owner’s medical practice that she is able to run remotely while at the Duchess.   With spray foam insulation, white noise machines, mesh Wifi, a back up router,  high speed fiber internet, and 9 ethernet ports she is able to conduct virtual medical appointments with complete privacy and efficiency.


The Duchess has 7 different work stations in 4 different areas of the house making it a flexible living space for work, school, and home.   At the Duchess our guests don’t have to use their vacation days to rush back and forth for brief trip on a 3 day weekend.  Instead our guests  stay for a week or two without having to use any vacation days and they conquer their work or school schedule while surround by the pines.