Cabin Cleaning and Turnover




   Turnover supplies are found in the wide white locking cabinets and in the under bed storage unit.  For specific location of certain supplies see the lists below the heading “Where can I find?”  


See the evolve listing as reference for how furniture should be set up. 


   Please text Amy once any turnover stock will only cover 3 bookings or when there is no longer a back up set of linens for a bed or hand towel rack.  For guest towel sets advise if when there are less than 3 back up sets of towels.


  • Dish Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Kitchen Trash Bags: There should be a roll in the basket under the kitchen sink.


COFFEE: Guest coffee grinds are located in the top drawer next to the fridge.  Please add grinds when the level is below the mark on the side of the container.  Please ensure there are several filters in the drawer as well.

PAPER TOWELS: One roll in the kitchen.

DISH DETERGENT: There should be enough dish detergant in the bottle for 2 loads of dishes.

LAUNDRY DETERGENT: A small bottle is on the door shelf of the laundry closet.  There should be enough detergent for a couple of loads.    dishwasher detergent.  This small bottle is refilled and should not be thrown away.

6 HOT TUB TOWELS: Neatly rolled and placed in the wall bin by the back door.


    • TOWELS:
      • HAND TOWELS:  Neatly folded on the rings.  2 in the master and 1 in the upstairs bathroom.   
      • BATH TOWEL: 1 per guest neatly displayed in the bathroom or on the beds.   
      • Wash Cloth With loop: 1 per guest neatly displayed in the bathroom or on the beds.   
      • FACE CLOTH: 1 per guest neatly displayed in the bathroom or on the beds.  
    • Each bathroom should have a hair dryer.
    • Toilet Paper-
      • One roll per bathroom

Where can I find?

The extra bedsheets, pillows,  pillow protectors, and duvet covers are in an under bed storage container in the master bedroom that is labeled with a 1.  The code to unlock it is 214.   There are extra fleece bedspreads in the upstairs bedroom rolled neatly on the metal shelf by the desk.

There is an extra bedspread for the Master that is folded neatly and placed on the foot of the bed.

The towels are in the downstairs white locker cabinet. Text Amy if additional hot towels are needed.

In the right metal locking cabinet you will find supplies for the guest first aid kit.  The guest first aid kit is located above the venta hood in a black Adidas shoe box.  Supplies you will find in the white metal locker to re-stock it include child and adult toothbrushes, bandaids, paperclips, alcohol pads, rubberbands, a mask, hand sanitizer, matches, etc.

Touch up paint for the kitchen and bathroom cabinets, walls, and floor is located in the drawer under the microwave.  There are sponge paint brushes located there as well.

The downstairs white lockable cabinet is stocked with lightbulbs, batteries,  charger for batteries, android charger and cable for the security cameras, electric tape,  trash bags, soaps,  detergents, and adhesive hooks.   

Air filters for the HVAC are located on top of the dryer in the laundry closet.

The upstairs white lockable cabinet contains toilet paper and paper towels.    Please text Amy once the supply of paper products will only cover 3 bookings ( 3 rolls of paper towels and 6 rolls of toilet paper) so she can order additional supplies.

In the bottom white locker you will find dish soap, dish washer detergent, trash bags, coffee,  coffee filters, laundry detergent,  an extra soap dispenser,  and dish cloths.

There are extra kitchen utensils, dish brushes, dish cloths, dining ware,  an extra drip coffee maker and an extra Keurig coffee maker AVAILABLE.   Please text Amy if they are needed.    

TheRE is an extra pillow  in the under bed storage container in the master bedroom labeled with a 1.  the code to unlock it is 214.  there are additional pillows available including throw pillows.  text amy if needed.